Fast-acting snail bait for application in all crops especially grain and rapeseed

  • high bait density (ca. 55 pellets / m²)
  • reliable effect at high and low temperatures
  • no distance restrictions from superficial waters

Package sizes:

5, 10, 15 and 20 kg bags

Active ingredient

29.7 g/kg iron (III) phosphate

Hybrid bait formulation

Derrex® slug pellets are manufactured with the help of a new bait technology. The high temperature of the pressing process ensures an optimal agglutination of the starch and protein components contained in the bait. This markedly improves the resistance to rain in comparison with conventional dry baits.


An innovative bait formulation makes Derrex® slug pellets particularly resistant to rain. This means that the pellets will also stay in shape and retain their attractiveness for snails in langer rainfall.

Organic farming

Iron (III) phosphate, the active ingredient of Derrex® slug pellets, is approved for organic farming operations as per EC regulation.

Derrex® is registered with the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL).

Public greens

Derrex® is grouped with plant protection prod­ucts that are suitable for areas intended for the general public in the list as per section 17 of the Federal Office of Consumer Protection (BVL) in Germany.


Application in agriculture

Derrex® can either be applied using fertilizer spreaders or special snail pellet spreaders. Please have a look at the homepage of the spreader manufacturer for details of the equip­ment settings and scattering range.

Application date

The treatment should be started as soon as possible directly after the sowing and/or planting. The best time for the application are the early hours of the evening when the snails leave their hiding places.

The application rate of 7 kg/ha must not be re­duced under any circumstances in areas under high infestation pressure and at the edge of the field. In case of a lower infestation rate, the quantity in the field can be reduced to 5 kg/ha.


Crops Area of application Waiting periods Quantities
Agriculture, all crops, incl. potato cultivation and green manure plants Open land none7 kg/ha
Vegetable cultivation and fruit cultivation, all crops Open land in greenhouse none7 kg/ha
Ornamental plant cultivation Open land in greenhouse none7 kg/ha
Hops and viticulture Open land none7 kg/ha

Repetition of the treatment

In the event of steady immigration and infestation-promoting weather conditions, the spreading must be repeated as soon as the number of pellets still visible in the field is no langer sufficient. In particular the infestation with slugs at the edges of the field must be checked and application repeated, if necessary. 4 applications per season is the maximum.

Environmental compatibility data

Beneficial organisms: No damage to earthworms. Also no risk for hedgehogs, domestic pets, birds and natural enemies of the snails such as ground beetles, for example.

Waiting periods before harvesting: none

Hazard symbols: none

Fish: not poisonous to fish

Waters: No water protection area restrictions, no restrictions concerning the distance from waters. Please comply with possible regulations in different countries.


Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.



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