Spruzit Neu

Spray for control of many sucking and biting insects as well as red spider mites on vegetables, fruits, potatoes and ornamental plants

  • Effective against adult insects, larva, and egg stages
  • Applicable in integrated and organic production
  • Fast mode of action

Package sizes:

5, 10, 20, 200 and 800 Liter can

Active ingredient

18.36 g/l Natural-Pyrethrum

825.3 g/l Rape-seed oil

Spruzit® Neu contains the active ingredients of Natural-Pyrethrum and Rapeseed oil. Natural-Pyrethrum is obtained from a species of chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium).

Mode of Action

Pyrethrum kills the insect quickly by damaging the sodium canals of the nervous system. Pyrethrum is very toxic to insects, but not mammals. In the presence of sunlight and oxygen, natural pyrethrum breaks down quickly, thereby causing no long-term hazards to the environment or non-target organisms. Rapeseed oil, the second ingredient of Spruzit® Neu, works extremely well against the egg stages of pests. This is especially important when dealing with such pests as red spider mites, white flies, mealy-bugs and thrips. Rapeseed oil is also very effective against adult and larval stages of insects by damaging their breathing organs (tracheas).

Use of beneficial organisms

Spruzit® Neu is the ideal complement to beneficial insect use. As Spruzit® Neu breaks down so fast that beneficial insects can be introduced only three days after treatment. Spruzit® Neu does not cause a repellent effect against beneficial insects, which is most commonly seen in Pyrethroids. When using in the presence of beneficial insects Pyrethrum should only be applied in small strategic amounts, as beneficial insects can also be killed on contact.

Organic farming

Spruzit® Neu can be used in organic farming. Both ingredients Pyrethrum and Rape-seed oil are on the corresponding positive list of ecological farming.


Plant compatibility

Extensive testing has shown that most plants tolerate Spruzit® Neu. However, if unsure about plant phytotoxicity, a test spray on a few plants, or few leaves, prior to treating the whole area, is recommended. Spruzit® Neu may cause damage on flowers of ornamental plants. Spruzit® Neu may cause leaf damage on Poinsettia, Lantana, ferns, Ficus, Ageratum and Basilic. Spruzit® Neu may also cause leaf damage on sensitive apple varieties for example Kanzi.


When using Spruzit® Neu, the following should be noted.

1. Spraying should be done at low temperatures and out of direct sunlight.

Spruzit® Neu is most effective when applied in the evening or early morning when temperatures are lower. The effectiveness of Spruzit® Neu decreases when temperatures are 25°C or higher. Do not apply in direct sunlight, as Pyrethrum degrades in UV light, which reduces efficacy.


2. Spray with a high volume of water.

Spruzit® Neu is a contact spray. Therefore, the plants have to be sprayed from all sides, including the undersides of the leaves.


3. Repetition of application

We recommend a second application 5-7 days after the first application. When dealing with scales and mealy-bugs, make a second application after 14 days.

Examples for Dose rates/Areas of application

Crop Pest Dose rate/
Spraying concentration
Preharvest timing
Brassicas Sucking insects
Beetles, sawflies, caterpillars (except Tortricidae)
6 L/ha 3 days
Salad Sucking insects
Beetles, sawflies, caterpillars (except Tortricidae)
6 L/ha 3 days
Herbs Sucking insects 6 L/ha 3 days
Peas, beans Sucking insects
Beetles, sawflies, caterpillars, red spiter mites
6-12 L/ha 3 days
Leek, spinach Sucking insects
Beetles, sawflies, caterpillars
6 L/ha 3 days
Tomato, cucumber Sucking insects 6-12 L/ha 3 days
Asparagus Beetles, sawflies, caterpillars 6 L/ha none
Young plants, seedlings Sucking insects
Beetles, sawflies, caterpillars
6 L/ha none
Apples, pears Aphids (except Dysaphis plantaginea) 5 L/ha/m crown height 3 days
Apples Apple blossom weevil 2.3 L/ha/m crown height -
Currant, blueberries Aphids 10 L/ha/m crown height 3 days
Sucking insects 6-12 L/ha
spraying concentration: 0.5-1 %
White flies 9-18 L/ha
Aspraying concentration: 1.5 %
Red Spider mites 6-12 L/ha
spraying concentration: 1 %
Mealy-bug. scales 12-24 L/ha
spraying concentration: 2 %
6-12 L/ha
spraying concentration: 1 %
Beetles, sawflies, caterpillars 6-12 L/ha
spraying concentration: 0.5-1 %

Environmental compatibility data

Beneficial organisms: Spruzit® Neu can lead to mortality of beneficial organisms on direct contact. However, due to the fast break down of the active ingredients it is possible for beneficial insects to be quickly reintroduced.

Bees: Product is not harmful to bees. (German registration)

Water: Toxic for fish, fish food sources and algae.


This product information does not replace the instructions for use. Please refer to the instructions for use for current application regulations and certification procedures. Use insecticides with care. Always read the label and product information sheet before use. Pay attention to warnings and warning symbols in the instructions.



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