Fast-acting slug and snail bait for application in all crops and water rice

  • effective against all species of slugs and snails
  • water-resistant formula
  • no pre-harvest interval

Package sizes:

2,5; 5; 10; 15; 20 and 25 kg bags

Active ingredient

29.7 g/kg iron (III) phosphate

Active substance information

The active ingredient contained in SLUXX® is iron (III) phosphate. Iron (III) phosphate also occurs naturally in the soil. After application the substance is fully degraded into iron and phosphate by the microorganisms in the soil. Hence, no negative effect on the environment is being caused. The active substance controls selectively slugs and snails. No negative impact on beneficial organisms like ground beetles or earthworms is to be expected. Iron (III) phosphate is permitted for organic farming according to the EC regulation. SLUXX® is registered at the FiBL.

Rain fast and water resistant pellets

The SLUXX® pellets are very stable and long lasting in wet and high humidity areas. This is due to the fact, that iron phosphate is not readily soluble in water. The high quality wet produced bait degrades slowly in the field, providing long term plant protection. The special manufacturing process for SLUXX® creates a highly compressed pellet with no dust production. This allows easy and convenient application by hand or spreaders.

High pellet density/m²

Many scientific studies have shown that slugs and snails exhibit a relatively unspecific foraging behavior and that the attraction effect of slug pellets is limited to a few cm. It is therefore very important to achieve the greatest possible bait density when spreading the snail pellets so that the snails will encounter bait before they can feed on a crop plant. This is why SLUXX® has been formulated to ensure a high bait density of ca. 60-340 pellets/m² depending on dose rate and slug and snail species.

Mode of action

SLUXX® is eaten by the slugs and snails and quickly stops them from feeding on the crops. The active ingredient leads to cell changes in their crop and hepatopancreas. Very shortly thereafter, the slugs and snails will stop eating. They creep to their hiding places (in the ground), where they die after a few days. Dead snails can also be found after a few days in their hiding places. As the effect is not based on dehydration, the effectiveness will not be reduced by humid weather. Unlike the metaldehyde based baits, the snails will not excrete excessive slime. If Sluxx® is used hardly any dead slugs will be visible on the field as they die under the ground. Consequently, success of the treatment should not be measured by looking at the number of dead slugs but on reduction of feeding damage.

Efficiency against slug species in different crops

SLUXX® has proven its excellent effectiveness repeatedly in many scientific trials and practical experiences. The good results were meanwhile obtained against different important slugs like “Deroceras reticulatum” and “Arion” species, so that reliable crop protection can be ensured.

Efficiency against Golden Apple Snail

Plant protection against the Golden Apple Snail is an increasing issue worldwide. Progema provides a solution with Sluxx®.

Under circumstances, such as flooded rice fields Sluxx®, provides still a reliable plant protection as studies have proven.

Efficiency against Giant African Snails

Damage by Giant African Snails is an increasing problem in many tropical countries. Due to their enormous size the needed bait quantity is substantially higher compared to other slugs and snails species. For this pest, SLUXX® has proven its efficiency in different test as well. In this way it’s proven, that the ingredient is a perfect and environmentalfriendly solution against all kinds of snails.

Application timing and application rate

SLUXX® is usually spread directly after sowing or planting. Against the Golden Apple Snail, SLUXX® should be applied directly after transplanting the rice in the field. If the rice is drilled directly, application should be done after the crop emerge. In areas under strong infestation pressure and at the edge of the field, the application rate must not be reduced under any circumstances. The spreading needs to be repeated as soon as the number of pellets still visible in the field is no longer sufficient. SLUXX® can either be applied by hand, with fertilizer spreaders or special slugs and snails pellet applicators.

SpeciesDose rateCrops
Slug and Snail on land7 kg/haAll agriculture and horticulture crops in open field and glasshouse
Giant African Snail40 kg/ha
Golden Apple Snail20 – 40 kg/harice



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