Sluxx HP

Fast-acting snail bait for application in all crops

  • very high bait density
  • rain- and mildew-proof
  • no preharvest interval

Package sizes:

2,5; 5; 10; 15; 20 and 25 kg bags

Active ingredient

29.7 g/kg iron (III) phosphate

Substance information

The active ingredient contained in SLUXX® HP  is iron (III) phosphate. Iron phosphate also occurs naturally in the soil. The substance is fully converted into iron and phosphate by the micraorganisms in the soil.

lmproved formula

The new formula SLUXX® HP  has an improved colour system. The colour will even outlast strong rainfalls, so that the pellet density is easy to monitor. The used colour is foodgrade. In addition to this, the reformulated SLUXX® HP  is highly mildew-proof.

The pellets will not even be attacked by mildew if they remain on the field for longer periods of time. SLUXX® HP  is manufactured in a wet moulding process, so that the application with spreaders will create hardly any dust.

High pellet density/m²

Many scientific studies have shown that snails exhibit a relatively unspecific foraging behaviour and that the attraction effect of slug pellet products is limited to a few cm. lt is therefore very important to achieve the greatest possible bait density when spreading the snail pellets so that the snails will encounter a bait before they can feed on a crop plant. This is why SLUXX® HP  has been formulated to ensure a high bait density of ca. 60 pellets/m2 if 7 kg/ha are applied.

The application of SLUXX® HP  ensures a markedly higher bait density than many rival products.

Distribution of SLUXX® HP  and reference product

50 x 50 cm section

Mode of action

SLUXX® HP  is eaten by the snails and quickly stops them from feeding on the crops. The active ingredient leads to cell changes in their goitre and hepatopancreas. Shortly thereafter, the snails will stop eating and withdraw to their hiding places in the ground, where they die after a few days.

As the effect is not based on dehydrating the snails, the effectiveness will not be impaired by humid weather. In contrast to metaldehyde­based baits, the snails will not excrete exces­sive slime and hardly any dead snails will be visible on the field.

Organic farming

Iron (III) phosphate, the active ingredient of SLUXX® HP  is approved for organic farming operations as per EC regulation.

SLUXX® HP  is registered with the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) .

Public greens

SLUXX® HP  is grouped with plant protection products that are suitable for areas intended for the general public in the list as per section 17 of the Federal Office of Consumer Protection (BVL) in Germany.

Reliable effectiveness at high and low temperatures

SLUXX® HP  works at high temperatures and also under cool weather conditions in spring and late autumn. Comparison studies at 10 °C and 20 °C demonstrate a reliable effectiveness at various temperatures.


SLUXX® HP  has proven its outstanding effective­ness repeatedly in many years of study. The good results were meanwhile obtained against various snail species (slugs and roundback slugs), so that reliable crop protection is ensured regardless of the snail and plant species in question.

Application date and application rate

SLUXX® HP  is ideally spread directly after the sowing and/or planting. SLUXX® HP  is approved for an application rate of 7 kg/ha. The application rate must not be reduced under any circumstances in areas under strong infestation pressure and at the edge of the field. In case of lower infestation, the quantity of slug pellets applied can also be reduced to 5 kg/ha in the field. The spreading needs to be repeated as soon as the number of pellets still visible in the field is no langer sufficient. SLUXX® HP  can either be applied using fertilizer spreaders or special snail pellet spreaders.

The following scattering ranges can be achieved in the process:

SpreaderMax. scattering range
Super Vario

24 m
ZA-M Ultra

18 m
24 m
32 m

28 m
30 m
33 m

Please have a look at the internet pages of the spreader manufacturers for details of the specific spreader settings. A setting chart for SLUXX® HP  is available at:

In vegetable, fruit and ornamental crops, spreading across the crops is prohibited because pellets could remain in the harvested crop. We recommend application using a row fertilizer applicator or a watering can without rase, for example.


CropsArea of applicationApproved application rate

Rapeseed and beetroot, All grain species, Corn, Sugar & forage beet, Potatoes, Fodder legumes, Mustard species, Flax, Sunflowers, Green manure crops, Grasses, Tobacco

Open land 7 kg/ha
Vegetable cultivation
All vegetable species
Lettuce species, Cabbage species, Bulb vegetables, Carrots, Spinach species, Leeks, Celery, Fenugreek, Rhubarb, Red radish, Radish, Asparagus, Beans, Peas, Courgettes, Cucumber, Tomato, Paprika, Fresh herbs, Tea herbs, Medicinal plants
Open land & greenhouse7 kg/ha
Fruit cultivation
Strawberries, Currants, Raspberries
Gooseberries, Blueberries, Pomes, Stone fruit
Open land & greenhouse

7 kg/ha


Ornamental plants Open land & greenhouse7 kg/ha
WineOpen land 7 kg/ha
HopsOpen land 7 kg/ha

Use plant protection products with care. Always read the label and product information before use.

Environmental compatibility data

Beneficial organisms: No damage to earthworms. Also no risk for hedgehogs, ground beetles, birds and domestic pets such as cats and dogs.

Waiting periods: none

Hazard symbols: none

Fish: not poisonous to fish

Waters: No water protection area restrictions, no restrictions concerning the distance from waters. Please comply with possible regulations in other countries.



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